Frequently asked question.

Yes, you can cancel your order anytime by just saying / typing in “CANCEL”. This will cancel your latest in process order.
With regards to any refund of a payment you have made online, you must always contact the merchant restaurant.

HungryText is a new food ordering assistance A.I which converts Human TEXT / CHAT interaction into and order for the merchants business. We aim to provide the easiest ordering platform.

SOFE.Ai stands for “Simple Order Form Enhanced with Artificial Intelligence”. She is a patent pending Bot that can assist and grow with all your ordering needs. We are training her for more advanced A.I. algorithms on a daily basis to process simple or complex Human Interactions to order from participating merchants. No she is not available for dating, yet.

Merchants are enabled to accept SMS ordering or Text ordering. You can select your favorite items by parsing through the available MENU. From Hello to Check Out, Hungry Text will help you place your orders for you. There are thousands of things to say, so we tried to keep it simple for ordering.

Yes, just say menu item short CODE or NAME along with updated QUANTITY. The quantity of the item will automatically update in the system.

Yes, during our order process SOFE.Ai will ask for you if this is a PICK UP or DELIVERY order. You can say PICK UP in response or say your complete address where you want to deliver your order. SOFE.AI will remember your address for next time, so please make sure you provide accurate information. You can select from the list in your active profile as well

Yes, just say VIEW during any order process and a summary will be provided any time during the order process and it must be before checkout or payment.

say CHECKOUT any time to proceed for the checkout process with the items you have selected. SOFE.Ai will make sure if any order requirements are missing to receive a response for that items. You will be taken to the order summary screen and be provided a link to process the payment. Say CASH or click the link to pay by Credit Card or Paypal. We are adding more methods to pay, so keep up to date.

Yes, just say multiple products CODES (comma separated) along with quantity and Variants / Modifier in the same text message. SOFEAi will do the rest for you. If she misses something, just say it again and it will be added.

You will receive a confirmation response notification from SOFEAi as soon as an order is placed, in addition she will attempt to have it confirmed by the Merchant / Restaurant. SOFE.Ai will also keep you updated from Confirmation to Delivery. The Merchant is always responsible for the actual order itself, so if you have any questions please contact the store staff directly.

Restaurants have the option to have their own merchant accounts integrated with Hungry Test. They could have Credit Card, Paypal and Cash on delivery options available. In some marketing campaigns, SOFE.AI will be able to process payments, rewards, offers and credits.

The delivery time varies based on the number of orders and the distance from the restaurant to your delivery address. Once your order has been processed, SOFE.Ai will send you a notification regarding your confirmation and expected delivery time. Merchants can set a default time of 30-45 Minutes. If you are concerned about your order, you can ask SOFE.AI by saying STATUS, if an order exists, she will pull the system status. Please contact the store directly if you feel there has been a delay.

We apologize for that, we are busy working on improving our marketing message to you, Feel free to email us at for more specific questions. We have to refer you to the Store for any Order related questions, you can always say CALLBACK and SOFE.AI will attempt to connect you to more help.
For system related questions feel free to call our customer care department at (844) 486-4791 for further assistance!