How it works

Sign up here to start. No need for apps or software for your customer to set up!. We’ll SMS-enable a phone number that your customers can use when ordering from your restaurant.You’ll start receiving delivery and pick up orders through our system.
And that’s it!
We handle everything else.You can focus on delivering quality food to customers without worrying about communication! Sign Up now!

The common-sense solution to SMS ordering

Our sleek, automated communication system lets your customers browse your menu and place orders easily, guiding your customers through the ordering and check out process, just like a regular customer service agent! Our cloud-based platform gives you helpful order alerts, making sure each order is received and processed correctly. You can receive customer orders via printer, email, fax, POS API, transcribed, or SMS. Just click a button after you’ve received an order to let your customer know it’s on its way! Your delivery drivers can be notified too, so they know exactly where to deliver to and confirm delivery times themselves.
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Simplify the order process for you and your customers with HungryText’s innovative A.I. software

HungryText provides companies like you the Next Big Thing in customer interaction by delegating customer communication to automatic A.I. technology!

Integrated merchant services

HungryText partnered with to deliver a seamless credit card processing system. With us, your customers can easily pay with their credit card via SMS and your delivery driver has the option to swipe in person for cash orders!
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Completely automated ordering process

Stop the madness and confusion that comes with hard-to-understand customer calls and scribbled orders with incorrected information! We’ll help you improve sales and customer satisfaction by automating the whole order and checkout process so you can focus on what you do best. We also offer live agent support and a complete Voice Enabled IVR ordering experience! You can track all your customer orders and customer information with our A.I. system for future orders and marketing.

Improving customer satisfaction

With HungryText, your customers don’t have to be inconvenienced by calling or signing up for an ordering service online to place an order. Your customers can finally order their food without being online or having to call. And there’s no apps for your customers to download.

Boosting company sales

With us, you can add SMS ordering and Facebook ordering options for your company and let our A.I. do all the work for you! By cutting back on the time you spend with customer communication, your employees can focus on preparing food instead of taking calls. HungryText’s A.I. system processes take-out and delivery orders without all the hassle during your busiest hours.

Live customer support

Just because our product is an A.I. doesn’t mean our customer service agents are too. We provide great live customer service so your tech questions are resolved as quickly as possible.